What is the update process for Hach WIMS services and client?

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What is the update process for Hach WIMS services and client?
Update process for Hach WIMS
Download the most recent version of the services and client patch highlighted below from the Hach page here: Support Link  http://www.opssys.com/support_login.aspx  (Note: WIMS Prerequisites is only needed if upgrading to V8.0.0 and must be installed on all client computers - this is the only patch that needs to be installed on client computers)

An account will need to be created if one does not exist, then the Product License will need to be added. 
When clicking download on each of the services, it will take you to a page of versions. Download the latest version for each service. 
Once the downloads are complete, move the files to the Hach WIMS server.

Once the downloads are on the server, please give WIMS Tech Support a call at 800-227-4224 ext 6113 so the agent can Webex on to the Hach WIMS server.
Once the Tech Support Agent is remoted into the server, the following will be performed:
  1. Update the services and client
  2. Update SQL OPSXXX Tables through Server Setup if required
  3. Test an auto update of a WIMS Client
The process after the downloads are complete should take 30 minutes unless permission issues or other unforeseen problems occur.

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