How is the verbosity changed on Hach WIMS Interfaces?

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How is the verbosity changed on Hach WIMS Interfaces?
WIMS Interface Verbosity
Verbosity is a log setting which instructs the interface on how detailed of a log to generate. When encountering errors, this log can be useful for determing where the interface is not communicating. If the verbosity is set to the maximum level at all times, it can generate large log files. Here is how to change the verbocity. 
Right click on the interface from the desktop or folder location and click on Run as Admin. 
The pictures below may not look exactly the same on all interfaces but it should be very similar. Most interfaces follow the same general setting locations. 
Once the interface is opened, go to Configuration, then Advanced Configuration.

Change the verbosity setting (when troubleshooting interface issues this is recommended to be set to 9).  Then click Save Settings.

Once the verbocity is set to the desired level, close the interface, and stop and start the service to continue using with the newer logs. 

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